The history of our group dates back to 2001. We began by producing functional additives and spices for the Polish meat industry.

The first from the companies in the group, Libra Polska, was founded in 2001. It was focused on the development of technology and driven by a modern approach towards the food industry from the very beginning. Six years later, in 2007, another food company was founded - InterFiber, which quickly became one of the world's leading manufacturers of insoluble fibres for the food industry.

The Bednarek brothers who have an eye for finding niches in the market founded Lauta in 2008, a leading company in the production of carrageenans. To complete the product portfolio and to gain influence on the taste of the products, Flavours Factory was created in 2013, as the fourth company with an extensive range of powdered and liquid, sweet and savoury flavours.

As a part of further expansion, in 2017 a Belgium - based company - Custom Fiber company was acquired to help serve western European markets. Thanks to these companies, Food Ingredient Group is one of the most comprehensive suppliers for food manufacturers in the Polish market and one of the most significant exporters to markets all over the world.

Today, we enjoy the huge trust of our customers, both due to more than 20 years of experience, as well as a constant desire for innovation and continuous search for new and even better solutions for our customers.